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1:43 Beijing BJ212A Offroader

1:43 CDBJ-1000E

USD 99

Beijing Offroader 212 is one of the legendary cars in China’s automobile history, it was the first generation light off-road vehicles made in China and it had stayed in production for nearly 30 years, finally going out of production in 1990. In the early years of PRC, light off-road vehicles in China had been either US Army Jeeps from World War II or GAZ-69 imported from USSR. When Sino-Soviet relation worsens in the 60’s, imports from USSR were cut off, supplies for light off-road vehicle stopped. To fulfill the demands of light off-road vehicles, the Central Military Commission asked Beijing Automobile Works (BAW) to develop a new off-road vehicle. The first batch of vehicles came in 1963 when BAW produced a new Beijing Offroader named BJ210, most parts of the vehicle resemble the US Army Jeep MB/GPW. Another two models, BJ211 and BJ212, were produced around a year later, which vaguely resemble Soviet made GAZ-69. These three models were reviewed by the central government and the decision was made to mass-produce BJ212. Along with the mass-production of BJ212, BAW also produced a similar model under the name BJ212A. BJ212A has a front seating row and two rear seating benches which is parallel to the side of the car, this increase the maximum passenger number from 5 to 8 and was used for troops transportation

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