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1:18 Changjiang CJ750 Sidecar Motorcycle - Limited Edition

1:18 CDCJ-1000A

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CJ750 motorcycle was manufactured in China since 1957, its technology was inherited from the Soviet M72 motorcycle, which inherited from German BMW R75, and it is the first motorcycle manufactured in China. The original CJ750 had a sidecar included in it, these design were commonly used in the military during World War II. These motorcycles have high mobility, which is ideal for communication and surveying missions, and when armed with heavy firearms, they could provide heavy supporting fire in a mobile platform, which is a great advantage. The first military force to use these motorcycles heavily was the Germany. During World War II, a large amount of BMW R75 motorcycle with sidecar were manufactured and used in war zones. After World War II, this technology was shared with USSR where they produced M72 motorcycles and China inherited the technology from the Soviets. CJ750 is widely used in military service in China, they are mostly used in communication or patrolling missions.

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