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1:43 Hongqi CA770YM One Flag Limousine - Limited Edition

1:43 CDHQ-1000E

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The Hongqi limousine was launched in 1958 featuring a classical design and a taste of the Orient. During the 1960’s, it became the protocol vehicle of the government and was named “The Car of The Nation”. Foreign leaders considered it an honour to ride a Hongqi limousine during their visit to China. The earliest Hongqi had a “Five Red Flags” logo on the side of the car, it represent the “People’s commune” idea at time, the five flags symbolise the unity of the five working classes, which are industrial, agricultural, military, academic and commercial workers. Later on, the side logo on the car was changed to “Three Red Flags” representing the three major directions of the country suggested at time. They included “The General Line”, “Great Leap Forward” and “ People’s Commune”, which all promote a rapid transition to a communist society, these three directions were call “The Three Red Flags” collectively. The “One Red Flag” side logo used in this model was first suggested by Peng Zhen, a member of the Chinese Communist Party, in 1964. After looking at the “Three Red Flags” logo, Peng said that “The Three Red Flags” directions were all originated from Mao Zedong, so he suggested the “Three Red Flags” could be summarised by “One Red Flag” representing the thinking of Mao Zedong. However a few years later Peng was boycotted in the Chinese Communist Party, some party members criticised Peng’s action of “removing The Three Red Flags” as disputing Mao’s idea. The “One Red Flag” logo was not used after then.

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